1. Log onto Firefox and go to (you're already there!)

2. Click the above link to the class discussion above.
1. Sign in using your username and password
(the same as Study Island - the only difference is that instead of first initial last name@sv it's sv first initial last name (no space - ex. svjedwards)
2. Type your reply at the bottom of the comments list.
3. Click "Post" to post your reply for everyone to see.

3. Go to Study Island
1. Sign in
2. Read through the day's new lesson carefully (most questions will be answered in this section)
3. Complete 20 questions (if it's Math, you must also show your work and turn this in)
4. The score is out of 100. If you get a 59%, your score is 59/100. If you don't like your score, do more questions until your score improves.
5. If you finish early, go back and make-up or improve other Study Island lessons.

4. If everything is finished, you can go to the following sites only. Being on any other websites will cause you to lose your computer privileges.

General Sites

Fun Brain

Free Rice

Primary Games

Fact Monster

Math Sites

First in Math (must know your username and password)

Cool Math

Language Arts Sites

Accelerated Reader

Shmoop (a wealth of information)

Newseum (front pages of newspapers around the world)

ChompChomp (grammar games)

Storybird (write, illustrate, and publish your own stories)

Bookrix (read and write books)

Scholastic Books (games, blogs, and more)